Reality TV Star, Lucy ESET, Ex Big Brother Naija housemate, reveals how her relationship stance with her Nengi Hampson.

She revealed this while having a live question and answer session with her followers & fans.


In her word, the reality tv star tells her fans that she and Nengi are still good friends like before.


Recalled that last year, Ozo and Nengi parted ways and unfriend each other on social media and even there public meetings and events, which makes fans to ask allot of questions about Ozo and Nengi.


Lucy Edet was fired with plenty questions regarding to her friends relationship with Ozo.


Below are some few questions asked by fans.


Question: Are you still friends with Nengi?

Lucy : Yeah

Question: Is Ozo and Nengi still in good terms? I don’t mean dating but are they still in talking terms?

Lucy: I mind my business dear, you should too!

Question: Is Ozo and Nengi still together?

Lucy: Please how should I know? Even if I did, why would I tell you? If they themselves have left you in the dark?! Respect their privacy!”.


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