Big brother naija season 7 housemates, Sheggz and Bella had a little argument after their wager task presentation, they later settled it, apologized to each other, and ate together.

While conversing, Sheggz told Bella she is so special to him and he’s ready to wait till after the show before any sexual activity. He said even if she wants it, he will decline because he doesn’t want to dent her image.


To me, nothing is going to change my mind about Sheggz being a player and the love between them is just another relationship script and Sheggz is really playing it too well, anyways I give it to Sheggz, he has been on the screen, and eyes of many viewers recently all thanks to his perfect playing.

Anyways you can read the conversation below and tell me what you think, pleases don’t say you are falling for his games already, lol anyways I see many people falling already, like I said before Bella should be wise.

Their conversation: