He revealed this during a discussion with Bella.


“You leave, I’ll be depress£d and I’ll ask to leave.” He told her.

Reacting to this, Bella reminded him that he is in the house for the game.

“Don’t say that. Listen to me, don’t say that. You’re here to play a game.” She replied.

However, Sheggz insisted that he will be depressed if Bella leaves, adding that his life does not depend on the game.

“My life does not depend on the game. I’ll be depress£d. I like to be waking up close to you.” He told her.

Bella who seems not to believe him replied, “Uncle we’ve watched this movie before 😁



Just like Bella, personally, I believe this one na lambar, if you read this blog constantly I always say the game is the game, a man can do anything to make sure he wins, that is exactly what Sheggz is doing right now, to be sincere this script has already been used, only a gullible person will fall for this kind of lies.

What do you think Sheggz I playing?