The death of Antonio Andriani, a guy who fell into a well in Erice, is being investigated. A harrowing video of the catastrophe was also made public.

A horrific video captured the dying moments of manager Antonio Andriani’s life as he fell down a well in Erice. In addition, following the man’s death, authorities reported the registration of a suspect.

Antonio Andriani, the man suspected of drowning in Erice’s well.

Manager Antonio Andriani fell to his death in a well in Erice, province of Trapani. The dramatic incident occurred around midnight on Sunday, July 3, when the man was celebrating his 40th birthday with relatives and friends at a rental villa in the Pegno district.

Following the incident, police launched an investigation to clarify the dynamics of the events leading to Andreani’s death. In this case, it was announced that a suspect had been identified. Specifically, he was the owner of a house that the manager had rented for about a year. Originally from Molfetta, Andriani moved to Erice when the company he worked for, Bio Salus, promoted him to commercial manager of the Trapani branch in 2015.

The homeowner’s entry on the suspects register is an act against the backdrop of a very clear story. In fact, the authorities decided not to conduct an autopsy and ordered the body to be returned based on preliminary autopsy findings.

In addition, the owner’s entry on the suspects register was for the man to participate in a technical investigation ordered by the prosecutor’s office, along with a trusted advisor. Meanwhile, fragments of the manhole cover that ruptured and heralded the death of the manager are understood to have been recovered and confiscated by the fire brigade and gendarmerie.

A shocking video of the tragedy was also released
A tragic video was also released about the death of Antonio Andriani, who fell into a well at Erice’s birthday party. Shocking clip shows last moments of Bio-Salus manager’s life. The video was shot to capture the best moments of the celebration, but it ended up being a dramatic death story.

In the video, the manager can be seen dancing on the concrete top of the fountain. Just as the victim was about to dismount, the plate broke. Attempts to support the man from surrounding friends and relatives proved futile, and Andreani fell to the cries of fear and disbelief from those present.