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774,000 Jobs: Comrade Festus Keyamo Should Apologise To Our Educational System And Bow By Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

Our leaders are not worried about our educational system since none of their wards patronise our secondary and tertiary institutions. They send them abroad for the best education through our patrimony and allow our own education to die.

Comradeship is a zealous commitment that earns one respect for defending the right of individuals, groups or organizations. Comrade Festus Keyamo, the Hon Minister of State, Labour and Employment, has forgotten the root of his comradeship.

It is expected of Comrade Keyamo as a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, who has seen the system from outside the fence before joining the big men at the bigger table, to have had a mutual relationship with the Minister of State for Education. 

Instead of wasting N52bn for just three months, they can utilize the funds in strengthening our educational system.

At a period we are battling with COVID-19, students are idle at home waiting indefinitely for resumption of schools. Why can’t the government use this money in digitalizing our educational system by making provision for programming laptops for all the students in the country?

Instead of wasting N52bn for just three months, government can use that huge money to enhance the educational system to a standard level.

Perhaps, he has defended some of their lies in court before now against the will of Nigerians, when they were busy siphoning our commonwealth. Only a thief knows how to catch a fellow thief. But let us leave this part of the story for another day.

Our educational system has been bastardized by incompetent leaders and dictators we have had since independence. They have deliberately destroyed the only hope of the masses in order to place their own children above ordinary people.

The 774,000 jobs they are throwing tantrums at each other have already been shared. 15% to the national assembly, while some politicians have enlisted their own thugs through NURTW, with some selected traditional rulers to do their shady job.

This greedy set of people with a blind ambition are always active and interested in anything that concerns our commonwealth, the table only turns the other way when the sharing formula is not favourable to some.

The Nigerian Union of Students are sleeping, probably snoring at the moment. It is about time they fought this wicked set of so-called leaders. Their demands should be based on the way forward for a long term project. But majority of them have been thoroughly compromised.

Comrade Keyemo and his cronies want to waste N52bn to engage 774,000 youths in 774 local government to clear drainage and sweep markets for three months.

N20,000 for three months for 774,000 youths amounts to the total of N46.44bn. We must therefore ask Comrade Keyamo who says he is desirous to fight corruption in the presence of press men, to explain to us about the remaining N5.56bn. 

A little quantity of oil is all that is required to mar the surface of water. After the three months, should all the 774,000 youths gather at his house for another job? 

This country is long overdue for good governance, there’s a need for a revolution of consciousness. The angry youths need to form a formidable force of advocacy, challenging the status quo and demanding for good governance and accountability.

Politicians only recommend dirty and humiliating jobs for poor people on whose taxes they survive, while they preserve juicy jobs for their children and mistresses.

Always remember that the students whose future you are sacrificing for a mere three-month job will soon use the power in their arsenal to fight your children whom you place above them.


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