6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Crypto

The emergence of trading software and the blockchain as a whole has resulted in a global acceptance of crypto as a means of exchange. With platforms like Bitpapa people don’t have to worry about traditional forms of investment and excess regulations. Cryptocurrency is quickly taking over the finance and traditional fiat exchange scene and here’s why;

1. Crypto is not regulated

Crypto is not controlled by any government or central bank. You have full control over your money. There are no fees, taxes, or middlemen taking their cut. You own your private keys and decide who gets access to your funds. No one else controls how much money you make.

2. Crypto is borderless

You don’t need permission to move your money across borders. You can send money anywhere in the world instantly and cheaply. Sending money overseas is cheaper than sending cash via traditional banks.

3. Crypto is secure

Your money is protected by cryptography, the same technology companies use to protect credit cards and online transactions. Your coins are stored in decentralized digital ledgers, meaning they’re safe even if servers go down. If someone [email protected] your computer, your coins remain intact.

4. Crypto is portable

You can carry your wealth with you wherever you go. You can buy anything using cryptocurrency, even things that aren’t sold digitally. You can pay for things without sharing your personal information.

5. Crypto is tax-free

There’s nothing to pay on capital gains or income tax when you sell your coins. In many countries, selling cryptocurrencies is completely tax-free.

6. Crypto is inflation proof

As more people start using crypto, its value will rise due to increased demand and usage. As its popularity grows, so will the number of crypto users, which means increased demand for goods and services that accept crypto as payment.